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We all promise ourselves to make healthier changes in our lifestyle by working out more (Yeah! Good luck with that..) to counteract the ill-effects that take their toll on our health. It is more often than not our professional duties that require us to work for really long hours which are usually spent at our work desks. Thanks to recent researches being conducted and awareness being spread on various lifestyle diseases, work places are coming up with innovative ways to actually improve your health while working like installing treadmills in the office, flexible gym timings, walking conferences, Disadvantages and stuff like that. As we know every thing has advantages but as well as also disadvantages.


massage chair disadvantages

Some disadvantages of the massage chair that are given below.


cost of massage chair

The first and big disadvantage of the massage chair is high cost. It means that it is not affordable for everyone due to its price. If you are interested in getting the chair for home, then you should pay for it more then 200 dollars. It can add quickly when you pay for a massage chair.

Weight Of Chair:

weight of massage chair

The heavyweight of the chair is also the con of the product because it is designed from electronic equipment, which makes it heavier. Due to heavyweight, it is very difficult to carry it from one place to another place.

Not As Effective:

effective of massage chair

Using a massage chair can only make you relax and give the benefit to remove the pain and aches. Unfortunately, it not much more effective than using a licensed masseuse because it can not remove the problems and continuous pain, so in this way, you must visit the masseuse.


Having a massage chair at home is one of the great investment that gives the best responses and keeps the person fresh and out of stress and anxiety. But make sure to get a lightweight chair because it is very good for you. Massage is a good way that you should start your day from this. Massage provides energy to your body and keeps it active. It also helps to maintain vitality and wellness.

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