Best Massage Chair 2021 Reviews (And Why They Are Worth Buying!)

Going home after a long day, and then resting in the Best Massage Chair 2021 is a good way to start a new night. Add a personalized massage to the mix, and you have no reason to stand up.

But wait, let me tell you something!

Massage chairs have different designs from folding to computerization. Also, some of these chairs are designed for specific areas, while others provide a full-body massage experience. The best massage chairs pad is equipped with airbags, rollers, and heat to minimize stress after a busy day.

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High End
Kahuna SM-9000 Superior

Kahuna SM-9000 Superior

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Budget Friendly

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4

  Medical Breakthrough 6 v4

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Best Massage Chair 2021:

Best Massage Chair

In today’s market, there are many designs and companies for massage chairs, so it is important to understand the key functions because it will help you find the most suitable chair for you.

Life is Better with Massage

Usually, we will look for the best home massage chair, which will provide us with the best relaxation after a hard day’s work. Here are some of the best massage chairs we will discuss here. Sometimes full-body massage can bring benefits in multiple ways. Massaging the body can reduce body pain, such as neck pain, avoid back pain, and relax muscles, and other stimulating therapies.

List of Top Massage Chair 2021:

Kahuna SM-9000 Superior⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Medical Breakthrough 6 v4⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Kahuna Hubot HM-078⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Osaki OS4000TA⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Titan Pro- Alpha⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Space-Saving Recliner⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Massage EC-06C⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Superior Massage Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Faux Leather Electric⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
MK-II Plus⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1: Kahuna SM-9000 Superior – AIR FLOAT 3D+ 6 INFRARED ROLLER:

Kahuna SM-9000 SuperiorKahuna SM-9000 is an elaborate chair with many functions. The chair requires some assembly, but you should be able to make the chair work within an hour of opening the box.

In other words, the company can provide a better instruction manual because the current manual does not provide much information about the assembly process.

  Space Saving Technology: 
Most massage chairs need to be 12-36 inches behind the chair to fully recline. This may take up space in your room. To solve this problem, the Kahuna SM-900 zero-gravity massage recliner is equipped with space-saving space technology. The chair only needs to be fully reclined 3 inches behind the chair.

  Massage Techniques and Styles:  
By default, SM-9000 provides eight types of massage. They are all different, and each has its own merits. Each pre-defined massage setting uses a 3D scroll wheel and all airbags to provide an excellent experience. You can also run the chair in manual mode and configure your program. The infrared roller can be cold or heated. They put pressure on your back, reduce your physical fatigue, and improve blood circulation.

  Massage Intensity and Speed:  
You can use the remote control to easily change the intensity and speed of the massage. There are three intensity levels. The lowest intensity setting will only gently stroke, while the highest intensity setting will put a lot of pressure on your muscles.

  Zero gravity Feature:  
Zero gravity massage is another great feature, and it will make you enjoy SM-9000 more. Unlike other chair models, the SM-9000 only requires 3 inches of clearance to roll up and lift you. After facing the ceiling, the roller will cover every inch of the body.

SM-9000 offers three different foot massage settings. Even if the chair does not have a calf roller, the airbags around the calf and foot can apply pressure at all correct positions, which works very well. The chair has a built-in Bluetooth connection, so you can pair it with a laptop, TV, stereo, or phone to play music directly from the chair.

  • Eight massage types
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • 3D massage is thorough and relaxing
  • Poor Instructions Manual

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2: Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 – Best Massage Chair Brand:Medical Breakthrough 6 v4

Medical Breakthrough 6 V4 is manufactured using world-class materials and manufacturing processes. When it comes to massage chairs that can help you control your health, the company will not make any compromises in quality.

  Advanced 3D rollers:  
They have advanced 3D rollers. These are called 4D rollers in the industry. They allow you to control the x-axis and y-axis motion of the roller, time, and z-axis (how far they have traveled towards you). In this case, the fourth dimension is the depth of the z-axis or roller. This is very useful for people who want to control the depth of the massage.

  Popular Company:  
After five years of unremitting efforts to find the best massage technology, the company successfully created this massage method. The efforts have been fruitful, and the clinical lounge chair Breakthrough 6 v4 has become a reality. The best massage technique from Shiatsu massage from Japan is part of this chair. This is completely surprising because it is the only chair with multiple massage techniques.

  Zero Gravity Position:  
When it comes to the shortcomings of Medical Breakthrough 6 v4, the device has only one flaw. This chair has only one zero gravity position. This point limits the convenience it provides to users. Nevertheless, for those who only want to provide a good massage in one location, it meets various specifications.

  3D L-track built-in:  
With the 3D L track built into the massage chair, this stunning 6 v4 massage chair can heal you from head to toe. You can rely on this chair as the back of making this chair, and more than 25 doctors and pain experts have invested their skills and energy. The zero gravity position will make you start to feel all the burden on your body.

In summary, the medical breakthrough version 6 v4 can, of course, maintain the massage chair because it provides a lot of things. It’s worth buying every penny because it has the most remarkable feature of a massage chair. The function of Breakthrough 6 v4 is as advanced as the massage chair that people want.

  • Great massage skills
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Wheels at the bottom for easy movement
  • The user’s toes can also be aimed at pairing the nipples
  • Three years warranty
  • Zero gravity technology
  • Quality and comfort
  • One zero gravity position

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3: Kahuna Hubot HM-078 – World’s leading Brand:

Kahuna Hubot HM-078

AJX Distribution Inc. is the world’s leading practitioner of massage chairs. AJX. Inc. is one of the few companies in the industry that provides customers with breadth and depth of product and after-sales service. Cooperating cautiously, the brand aspires to be a true expression of innocence. Since 1997, the company has been using massage chairs to conduct business.

  Perfect Rhythmic Massage:  
Kahuna’s Hubot HM-078 is your ideal rhythmic massage chair. This lounge chair has a champagne-colored phenomenon and has the most advanced functions, which can provide users with advanced body massage therapy. The HSL track, which can be used as a compression system, is one of its unique qualities.

  App Control:  
Control your massage experience at the touch of a button. It comes with apps compatible with Android and Apple devices that allow you to set massage intensity, timer, zero gravity, and calories.

  Zero gravity Treatment:  
Although Kahuna’s HM-078 provides customers with the highest value for money, it should be noted that it has only one level of zero gravity processing. Another point of this original wonderful massage chair lag is that it has zero memory function.

  Powerful 3D Performance:  
However, we still have to say that Kahuna Hubot HM-078 is one of the elaborate massage chairs ever designed. It contains high elasticity massage balls, and also has powerful 3D performance, which can provide users with the best massage effect. This is also great because it can also provide medical benefits. When it comes to the movement of air cells, remember that they can promote blood circulation. It also increases the oxygen level and puts the user in a comfortable position.

  Hyper SL-Track:  
The rail extends along the length of this massage chair and has a 52-inch extended massage rail built-in. The tracking system is also designed to support your body and let the chair provide you with a full body massage. The track leads to your lower back.
After reviewing the various advantages of this amazing massage chair, it is safe to say that Kahuna’s Hubot is one of the best options you choose. With the help of this chair, you can effectively save money spent on expensive massage therapy every month.

  • Impressive battery timing
  • 3D zero gravity massage system
  • Excellent treatment system
  • Extremely comfortable
  • There is only one zero-gravity treatment
  • Zero memory function

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4. Osaki OS4000TA – Next Generation Air Massage:

Osaki OS4000TA

The brand is committed to providing consumers with high-quality massage chairs at a price much lower than many other companies in the industry. It also aims to provide quality customer service to all aspects of the enterprise, while providing high-quality products. The organization strives to ensure customer satisfaction. Let’s see what the company provides in this model.

  Ergonomic S-Track:  
OS-4000 is designed in such a way that it follows the natural curve of the vertebrae. This provides better support for the back and neck, especially the waist area. Because it can separate the intervertebral discs of the spine and separately decompress, it can enhance the massage effect on the body. As a result, the intervertebral disc tissue will be able to obtain more nutrition.

  Next Generation Air Massage:  
The massage chair has 38 improved next-generation airbag technologies. You may find that the number of airbags is not very attractive, but in fact it will be better because of the increased surface area and volume of the massage.
Computer Body Scan

Osaki OS-4000T is equipped with computerized body scanning technology, which enables the roller to draw the curvature of the back. The accuracy it provides can help the chair resist all your sore joints and easily fit every user. Regardless of your body type, Osaki OS-4000T is an advanced chair that can adjust itself to provide you with a perfect massage.

  Unique Foot Roller:  
There are two rows of reflex massagers at the bottom of the chair that can rotate and provide a kneading feeling. When the rollers rotate, they will stimulate the points on your feet. The airbag will inflate and produce a deeper massage where you need it most.

  Osaki OS4000TA famous amongst the public:   As far as the brightness of the product is concerned, there are many factors that make the Osaki OS4000TA famous around the world. With the help of computerized human body scanning technology, the device can massage troublesome areas. The zero gravity design frees you from all the pain and puffiness, especially on the back. Use a unique caster for massage, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

All in all, Osaki OS4000TA provides excellent quality and service. However, for durability, you may need to confirm its durability. In addition to this inconsistent durability, the device also provides you with a perfect massage function.

  • Computer body scan
  • Air massage technology
  • Wireless Controller
  • Air massage for hips, arms and shoulders
  • Automatically tilt and stretch your legs
  • Low back hyperthermia
  • S-Track Massager
  • No mention of warranty
  • Inconsistent durability
  • No mention of return policy

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5: Titan Pro- Alpha Full Body Massage Chair – Extraordinary health:

Titan Pro

This advanced and upgraded Titan pro Alpha is beautifully designed and cleverly designed to provide maximum support and comfort while providing all the benefits of a full-body massage L-shaped track. It can help relax muscle aches and fatigue and release anxiety in the body, especially in Shiatsu mode.

  Extraordinary health Benefits:  
After a long and hard day’s work, it guarantees that the right recliner is an excellent opportunity. People who have been suffering from physical pain for a long time should consider buying this most striking massage chair because of its extraordinary health benefits.

  Foot firm Rollers:  
It can easily access the head, shoulders, and back of the massage recipient, while the robot massage chair uses electronic vibrator and motor for massage. The chair uses sturdy casters to help users get rid of long-term foot pain through a super comfortable massage function.

  Six automatic massage Programs:  
You can choose from six automatic massage programs: Express, Wholesome, Oriental, Sweden and Classic, and therapeutic Chiro. This comfortable chair has another advantage: the back pillow. L-shaped seats are known for their intense and sometimes painful back massages, but the backrest pillow can reduce the intensity of the massage.

  Best Massage chair for Neck and Shoulders:  
The adjustable shoulder is easy to use because Pro Alpha can accommodate users of different sizes. Air massage is also very good, with 28 airbags covering the entire body. Lumbar heat therapy can improve blood circulation and relax muscle aches. It uses a beautiful, advanced, stylish, and attractive design because its new arm design is the most attractive. The chair uses advanced massage technology and systems as well as many entertainment functions, such as memory function and Bluetooth speaker connection.

  • Comfortable
  • Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Enhance immunity
  • Mobilize the lymphatic circulation
  • Reduce pain and headache
  • Improve posture
  • Therapeutic
  • Memory function
  • Neck massage
  • Quiet and complex functions
  • There are not many manual massage methods

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6: Kahuna Massage Chair Space-Saving Recliner LM6800 – Excellent:

Saving Recliner LM6800

For various reasons, Kahuna LM6800 was listed as the best massage chair in 2020. First of all, the highlight of the massage chair is the form of a massage chair, which is fully equipped with highly advanced massage functions, including a fully covered L-shaped rail system.

  Zero-gravity Feature:  
A major advantage of Kahuna LM6800 is its zero-gravity function. This function will provide 3 zero gravity positions, so you can be sure to find a position that suits you. After enabling this feature, the massage will provide an enhanced experience. Fortunately, since the Kahuna LM6800 provides three zero gravity positions, you can easily find the best position for you.

  Computer Body Scan Technology:  
Nowadays, many massage chairs have computer body scanning technology-it has become necessary because it can provide users with a more personalized massage experience. Despite its high price, this model does not miss the integration of this technology.

  Air Massage System and Yoga Program:  
The company claims that it uses fewer airbags to cover the surface area of the chair as needed compared to other chairs on the market to provide the best massage experience. A prominent feature of this massage chair is its automatic yoga program, which enables users to properly stretch the spine and leg muscles.

  Dual Foot Rollers:  
To my surprise, Kahuna successfully used real casters in this price range. Many moderately priced massage loungers, in this regard, even some expensive massage loungers, often ignore this function. Therefore, the company will receive praise for its ability to add casters to provide a good massage for the feet.

  L-track massage system:  
Kahuna LM6800 is a powerful and complete massage chair. It has an L-rail massage system, two zero-gravity positions, body scans, foot massage, heat therapy, four automated programs with three intensity levels, and a 30-minute yoga program popular with the crowd. Thermal massage therapy focuses on the waist and calf muscles, calming these muscles and improving blood circulation.

  Specially designed in L-Shape:  
Kahuna’s new generation massage chair has a sturdy structure. This massage chair is specially designed with an L-shape to provide maximum comfort. It consists of four rollers equipped with an air chamber massage system. The massage system can effectively massage all parts of the body, including shoulders, hips, arms, and waist.

The L-shaped design of this massage chair provides full support from your neck to your back and to your hips.
You can easily increase the speed and function of various massage techniques. The massage chair targets your upper back, lower back, entire back, and lower body. It is also equipped with a yoga stretching mode designed to stretch your entire body.

  • The price is lower than similar functional chairs
  • L track support
  • Quick heat therapy, suitable for back and legs
  • 3 zero gravity positions
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Five manual massage techniques
  • Six automatic programs for different messages
  • It may be very noisy in some programs
  • Tall people are not comfortable
  • A bit expensive

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7: Best Massage EC-06C – Unique S-Track Design:

Best Massage EC-06C

  Airbags and High Power Vibration Technology:  
EC-06C estimates a total of 30 built-in airbags to ensure maximum comfort. The airbag massage technology of EC-06C has been carefully designed to work perfectly in a harmonious way under the massage procedure.

Of the estimated 30 built-in airbags of EC-06C, 20 are placed towards the lower body of the massage chair to ensure that no user’s body parts are affected by the massage process.

  Advanced Roller System:  
Today, most massage chairs on the market are not 100% filled with built-in airbags for massage purposes, so the wheels are integrated into the seat to further enhance the soothing effect. The roller system belongs to the electronic mechanism of a group of rollers. When the roller system is opened, they move down from the neck to the spine and buttocks of the user in a vertical motion.

  Unique S-Track Design:  
Unlike most traditional massage chairs, this chair has a unique S-shaped track design that allows the four-wheel roller to slide to your body or even to the coccyx. Using a four-wheel roller on a chair can produce a stronger and more effective massage, which is much more than you would expect from a basic massage chair.

  Neck Massaging Function:  
In addition to the rollers and main rail, other rollers are installed on the chair to provide effective Tsubo Point massage for your shoulders and neck. Even if the health benefits of this particular massage have not been confirmed, it will make people feel comfortable.

  Best Features:  
If you are like me, listening to your favourite music while enjoying a massage, you will definitely like surround sound speakers, so you can enjoy your favourite music during the massage. Its features include extremely powerful rollers that can help you relax muscles and reduce overall fatigue. In addition, the compression of the balloon will empty your blood capillaries before replenishing fresh oxygenated blood. This can energize your body and make you feel fresh.

  Built-in Heat Transmitter:  
The EC-06C massage chair produced by BestMassage has another advantage of integrated heat transfer. It is known that the use of heat during any massage can better absorb the effect of combining the airbag and the roller into the vibrator of the user’s body. Therefore, it can be considered as an essential function.

  • Great shiatsu massage
  • Powerful roller with an airbag
  • Ergonomic intelligent ergonomic design
  • Seven different massage modes
  • Twenty-one airbags for full body massage
  • Six automatic programs can customize your massage
  • The chair needs a lot of space to recline fully

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8: Kahuna Superior Massage Chair – SM7300 – Top Performance:

Massage Chair – SM7300

It includes nine built-in programs and four special programs. Yoga stretching is one of the most famous massage procedures. These programs are suitable for athletes, businessmen, golfers, and athletes to restore tight muscles faster. You will find a variety of manual massage procedures, either individually or in combination.

  3D Body Scan:  
By scanning the body before the program starts, the SM 7300 can adjust its rollers and pressure points according to your exact requirements. Naturally, this allows for more targeted and precise massages, but this Kahuna power does not stop there. Allowing the user to further manually adjust the width of the massage area, it provides a truly personalized massage session.

  Zero Gravity Feature:  
The zero-gravity mode quickly became the standard for mid-range massage chairs, keeping users in a tilted position. When the user’s weight is pressed down against the roller, this will use the help of gravity, so that the roller exerts more pressure on those tired muscles. The result is a deeper and more satisfying massage.

  Yoga Stretch Program and Lumbar Heating:  
It can imitate the chiropractor’s pre-programmed massage. Grabs your shoulder and stretches your shoulder blade and neck while gently tilting and twisting the pelvis and lower body. This is an ideal choice for people with chronic back pain. This model has a heating function and can target your lower back area. Suitable for cold winter days and low back pain.

  Three different levels:  
The zero gravity position is divided into three different levels, and the special function of this massage chair provides you with a dynamic massage experience. You will enjoy weightlessness in the zero gravity position. The zero-gravity position massage improves your heart condition and makes you feel soothed and calmed. There are five different levels of air intensity massage.

  Ultra-space-saving technology:  
The ultra-space-saving technology with an improved forward sliding mechanism requires only 3 inches of space from the wall when the zero-gravity position is used. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the large size and space of the chair when purchasing.

It supports weights up to 320 pounds. The shoulder rest area and seat are ideal for accommodating 6 to 5 inches conveniently. The shoulder rest area and the seat can be adjusted to 3 inches so that both thin and wide people can massage comfortably and conveniently.

  • Upgrade massage technology
  • Space-saving design with zero gravity angle
  • Comprehensive Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Advanced wireless control and advanced speakers
  • Nine built-in programs provide four special programs for athletes, athletes, seniors, and businessmen
  • Five intensity levels for all massage techniques
  • The true zero-gravity position is ideal for people with heart disease
  • Withstands 320 pounds
  • Hyperthermia is only for the lower back and leg area
  • There is only one zero gravity level
  • It has no wheels, so it is not easy to move from one place to another

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9: Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Couch – Best Choice Products:

Faux Leather Electric

  Effective functionality:  
This recliner is one of the best powerful massage chairs under 1000. The chair has five pre-programmed massage functions, as well as two models, ideal for kneading the lower and upper backs, calves, and thighs. In addition, this massage, recliner sofa, has nine strength levels.

  Enhanced comfortability:  
If you are looking for a very comfortable sofa, then this will be your ideal choice. This sofa has double backrests and very soft cushions on the seats and armrests. In addition, it also has a footrest function, which can provide maximum lying comfort.

  Double padded faux leather:  
The next important factor in ensuring comfort is the cushioning of the recliner. The product will not disappoint here. The recliner has a double-layer artificial leather backrest, padded armrests, and a footrest.

  Better durability:  
It also provides other convenient functions and comes with side pockets. It helps to store the wireless message controller. With all its common features, it never lags behind in terms of durability. Therefore, it has a sturdy metal frame and can be used for a long time. Moreover, the artificial leather cushion is easy to clean.

  Remote control design:  
The sofa is equipped with a wireless massage controller, and you can change the massage settings without moving. Also, it has a built-in side pocket for storing the remote control.
The best choice product, the artificial leather electric massage recliner sofa, has many basic functions and is the ideal choice for maximum relaxation. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best recliner massage chairs. With this sofa, you can guarantee maximum comfort at an affordable price.

  • Durable
  • Remote controlled
  • Highly comfortable
  • The heavy cushioning feels very comfortable
  • The sturdy metal frame provides durability
  • The understanding of remote control is a bit tricky

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10: RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus – Body Scanning Technique:

RelaxOnChair MK-II

The MK-II Plus massage chair is a redesigned and upgraded version of the MK-II model, offering many functions at its price. The improved L-Track system guides the double rollers along the curve of the spine for a full body massage, specifically designed to relieve lower back pain. The computerized human body sensor can adjust the scroll wheel to suit each user. The MK-II Plus massage chair has a space-saving design and is suitable for most rooms without taking up unnecessary space.

  Customized Massage Settings:  
In addition to the automatically integrated massage program, most potential massage chair buyers strongly expect manual massages to be created according to the user’s wishes. RELAXONCHAIR’s MK-II PLUS Shiatsu Massage Chair has three types of massage actions. Tapping, kneading, and a combination of both.

  3 Stages of Zero Gravity:  
Unlike most chairs that use zero gravity technology, this chair does not take up much space. It requires only three inches of clearance from the wall. As the head restraint moves down, its chair slides forward for a new zero-gravity experience. It has the function of raising the foot to the level of the heart, and is also a good experience, especially if the lower back feels uncomfortable.

  Body Scanning Technique:  
Body scanning in a massage chair refers to the ability of each massage technique, whether it is an airbag or a roller, which can be adjusted according to each user’s unique body frame. Therefore, the advantage of RELAXONCHAIR’s MK-II PLUS Shiatsu massage chair is that it provides users with consistent, high-quality massage even if the user’s body frame is significantly different.

The automatic body scanning function in RELAXONCHAIR’s MK-II PLUS Shiatsu Massage Chair makes it a more personalized and therapeutic professional massage experience, which can enhance the overall massage effect.

  Heat Therapy:  
MK-II PLUS Shiatsu massage chair does not have one in the lower back area, but a total of two independent heating pads. The heating pad is specifically designed to increase the penetration of the internal massage of the user’s lower back. This targeted penetration effect is the best, is to eliminate unnecessary tension or tension on the vertebrae.

  :Computerized Control Panel  
Unlike some competitor chairs, this product has a computer control panel, which is located on the bracket on the left side of the armrest. Although it looks too technical, the control panel is easy to use. Even without glasses, it is enough to see and understand. It comes with four different programs and three manual techniques and strengths. You can decide how fast or strong the massage you want.

  • One-hand remote control
  • Both the arm and leg can be cleaned
  • Have a good reputation among customers
  • Casters are not suitable for sensitive feet
  • The dim colour of the massage chair is not aesthetically appealing


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Best Massage Chairs 2020- Buyers Guide:

Buyer's Guides

Because the massage chair is expensive, that’s why it’s important to check for the following features before buying a massage chair.

Before buying, you should always check the cost. Make sure to include the price and shipping costs, because this is the total amount you will pay. Understanding the budget will narrow your choices.

if you are looking for the best budget massage chair, you can check our list of best massage chair under $500.

Zero Gravity:
Zero gravity is one of the best and most discussed features in massage chairs. I recommend that you use a chair with zero gravity function because it is both therapeutic and relaxing. Some basic massage chairs may not have this function, so make sure to buy a massage chair with this function.

Heat Therapy:
Many massage chairs, especially advanced massage chairs, use heat therapy. I like this function because it makes the massage more relaxing. The heat will only make the body more relaxed. Although this is not a required feature, I recommend that you use it because it has many benefits.

Size & Weight:
Before buying, it is best to understand the size and weight of the massage chair. Massage chairs are usually very large and require proper space for placement and reclining. Therefore, before purchasing, please plan to know where to put the chair. Some massage chairs have a space-saving function and do not take up extra space when they are tilted.

This function is mainly reserved for advanced and advanced massage chairs. For example, the chair may have a tablet computer built-in. Some people get bored when they massage, so they want to be entertained. It is not even necessary because you can only use the phone or watch TV.

Before purchasing, please ensure the warranty period and procedures. Make sure the company can replace the parts, and can the parts be repaired? In addition, please check whether they provide at least one month of unconditional cash back guarantee. These guarantees and cashback opportunities indicate that the company believes in the performance and sustainability of its products.

Massage Power:
Some people prefer soft massages, while others prefer rough massages. You should choose a massage chair with adjustable intensity. The higher the intensity level, the better. This ensures that more family members can use the same massage chair.

Massage Rollers:
Some of the best massage chair models under $ 2,000 use massage rollers. These massage rollers will slide down, up, and back to the left and right to provide a comfortable massage experience. The movement of the massage roller is very relaxing, and it also helps to stimulate blood circulation in the back.

Air Compression Massage:
This air compression massage function uses airbags to improve the massage experience. You can change the strength of the airbag as needed. Most massage chair brands have airbags on the arms, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, and hips. This air compression massage function can be used for various parts of the body.

Body Scan Technology:
Your family can use the same massage chair. Body scanning technology helps to customize the massage for each different user. To track the curvature of your spine and other physical conditions, this body scanning technology uses sensors. You can also use this technique to customize massage sessions to suit your specific body type. Your best massage chair should have body scanning technology.

3D Massages:
Massage brings a sense of immersion to the massage and produces a greater depth than ordinary massage. 3D massage combines the functions of a roller and an airbag. An air-filled airbag will cover your body and lock you in place; then, the roller will begin to massage your back and legs. This  massage is more pleasant and relaxing than the usual massage.

Maximum Reclining Angle:
A massage chair may be a place where you spend a lot of time, mainly when you use it to treat physical problems. Even sitting in a soft chair for a long time can cause fatigue, which is why the leaning posture is so important. Your chair can lie as far as possible, and if you plan to sleep there, you can stretch it fully. However, it is also impressive to be slightly smaller at about 160 °.

Spinal Stretch:
People who suffer from spinal pain are very useful for them. This spine stretch function ensures that the muscles around the spine are massaged to reduce pain. Some of the most acclaimed massage chairs under $ 2,000 have this kind of spine extension function and are enhanced by using zero gravity function.

Predefined Programs and Acupressure Points:
You should choose a massage chair with more predefined programs to provide a good massage experience. Some massage chairs use acupuncture points to create a grip, which makes the massage feel more realistic like a professional massage.

Control Settings:
There are different adjustment methods for the massage chair. Some chairs have a remote control, while others may have a built-in control panel. Ideally, the control method should have large buttons that are easy to read. The indicator lights let you know at a glance which settings have been made. The display can also indicate the selected configuration. Hand-held remote controls are often needed because they allow you to control settings while maintaining a relaxed and tilted position.

Chair Materials:
The thicker leather layer is more durable. You should choose a massage chair that provides high-quality thick foam. You will see that most of the chairs on our list have leather exteriors. This is usually a synthetic type, especially in this price range. Make sure it is soft and non-plastic. At the same time, if the chair is used every day, it must be durable, easy to clean and wear-resistant, and will not wear out quickly.

Silent Operation:
Having a quiet massage chair is a great advantage because you can really relax and meditate during a massage. Some massage chairs make a loud noise while working. Avoid using such chairs that make noise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Will massage chairs be harmful?

Although massage chairs are almost always safe, some people should be careful when using these chairs. This includes people with severe wounds and unhealed, severe infectious diseases, fractures, circulatory diseases, and infectious rashes and diseases.

2.How long can I sit on the massage chair?

You can massage for 30 minutes comfortably on a chair or table when you are dressed or undressed. For several reasons, the advantages of massage chairs are best realized at shorter intervals. It is recommended to spend 15 minutes on the massage chair.

3.Will the massage chair consume electricity?

The massage chair with all functions continuously uses the same power as the desktop computer to perform a full-body massage from head to toe. No electricity is required when the chair is not in use.

4.What can the massage chair do?

Massage chairs can relieve nodules, reduce tension, and relieve daily pain, and are widely used by patients with many different conditions.

5.How many air chambers does the best zero-gravity massage chair have?

The amount of air foam varies from chair to chair, some of which have a large number of air bladders, and some have only one layer of air bladders to provide high pressure when the chair is inflated.

6.Which massage chair is better designed by S-Track or L-Track?

L-Track is better designed than S-Track because L-Track can be easily expanded to 49 inches, while S-Track can only be expanded to 31 inches. This means that L-Track can also easily accommodate higher users.

7.3D massage roller or 4D massage roller?

To our knowledge, 3D rollers are far from enough, because 4D rollers are more expensive.

8.How important are these automatic massage chairs?

The automatic program massage chair brings you super convenience. However, if a chair can save your custom massage program, it is much better than the automatic program.

9.Are customizable adjustment settings really that important?

It is undoubtedly a good idea to find a customized and suitable placement on the chair. It allows you to fully customize and adjust the pressure intensity and heating as needed.

10.Are all these chairs equipped with built-in music players and speakers?

No, not everyone comes with a built-in music player and speakers, only a few of them are equipped with these gold-plated items.

11.Is the massage chair effective?

Massage as a therapy has been proven to be effective in daily pain management. The massage chair essentially replicates the masseur’s hands and has been proven to relieve daytime pain.

12.Is the massage chair harmful to you?

Excess things are bad, as is the massage chair. If used properly within a reasonable period of time, they can be ideally used to solve back pain problems. You can also notice the fact that using this technology wisely can also provide you with some medical and health benefits.

13.Is it worth buying a massage chair?

The massage chair is very suitable for a daily massage, which can save a lot of money compared with hiring a masseur. Every penny is worth buying a massage chair. With this innovative technology, you will never have to compromise on convenience.

14.Can I use the massage chair every day?

It is recommended that you use the massage chair every day. It is one of the best muscle and pain relaxants. In addition, it can benefit your body by enhancing blood flow. Therefore, the daily use of the massage chair does not seem to be a bad idea. All you have to do is set up routines for your massage and relaxation classes.

15.Can the massage chair hurt your back?

Most massage chairs are designed to solve back pain problems, although it is known that excessive use of a massage chair can increase nervous tension, which can cause back injuries.

16.Are massage chairs good for children?

There is no minimum age limit for massage. It is recommended that the child massage with parental consent and presence. Remember not to let children approach this technique alone.

17.Can a massage chair help sciatica?

Sciatica, reading this word is even painful. Many people suffer from this long and painful problem. Okay, this is good news for you. Massage chairs can relieve sciatica symptoms. It is very useful in reducing the pain caused by piriformis syndrome. However, if you have severe sciatica, it is recommended that you see a professional physiotherapist.

18.Why are massage chairs expensive?

The massage chair is a good value for money. They also help solve many problems in the human body, namely deep tissue therapy, sleep therapy, and massage therapy.
They help save a lot of the money we need to spend when we need a massage to hire a masseur. It is great to have a massage chair at home.

19.Does Medicare cover the massage chair?

The massage chair cannot imply any serious medical condition, so it is not covered by Medicare. However, some brands claim to have professional doctors sitting together to manufacture their products.

Final Words

The above buying guide should help you narrow down the scope and find the best massage chair. The purpose is to provide you with the best massage chair comparison for your situation. The most suitable massage chair may not be suitable for others. You no longer have to worry about joint pain and body tension.

You can quickly get the information desk that suits you best. If necessary, the foldable leg rest is convenient for the massage chair. You will find different brands and models of massage chairs on the market, but knowing that the best is a challenge?

We have discussed some of the best massage chairs at a low price in our article. if you are looking for the best budget massage chair, you can check our list of Best Massage Chair Under $1000.